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A critical tool for any no-coder. Use Zapier to connect things and automate them, anywhere on
the internet. If it doesn't integrate with Zapier, it's probably not worth using.

Google Drive

Store everything in an easy-to-use environment, and get access to thousands of automations. Text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, the whole shebang.


There are a million like them, but for us, ActiveCampaign is the one when it comes to inbound marketing. Automate everything from emails to SMS, and connect with all the software you need to run your practice.

Clio Manage

This is the only legal-specific software we recommend. Manage matters, referrals, and long-term client relationships. Connect to best-in-class software for marketing, automation, billing, and more.


Looking high and low for answers about where to build and host your website? Search no more. If you're planning to use Wordpress, use WPEngine.


Quickly create forms, popups, and an array of other lead generation forms, and get access to a massive library of templates to help save time. Want to go custom? OptinMonster can do that too, and they offer some of the most advanced trigger options of any popup provider on the market.


Build, prototype, and test landing pages, lead forms, and even entire mini-sites without writing any code. LeadPages integrates with all your favorite email systems, WordPress, and does so much more than just landing pages.


Painless virtual banking. Instantly issue virtual cards, get your Stripe payouts faster, and earn up to 8 cents per dollar in rewards on your debit card spend.


The king of online payment processing. Seamlessly integrates with pretty much everything on the web, and is a breeze to set up and maintain.

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For the last decade, I've helped law firms around the world do everything from advertising on Google to automating with Zapier. While I do write code in several languages, the vast majority of my work is done without code. From building platforms for automated legal process to connecting siloed data, the principles of no code development allow me to quickly build custom software to solve problems at the firms I work with.

In the NoCode masterclasses, I'll share the best bits of what I've learned with you. We'll build custom software to solve problems and create prototypes of software to prove concepts, all without writing a single line of code. I'll walk you through the process, from A to Z, and help you create tools that will allow your firm to increase case capacity and revenue while cutting down back office time.

For more information about me, what I do, and how I can help you, please click here.

No Code Lawyer

Stop drowning in back office tasks & cut your marketing overhead in half.

Law firms struggle with software that doesn't fit their needs, causes headaches, & reduces billable hours. Starting on July 2nd, join me every week for a 1-hour masterclass, where I'll teach you how to:

  1. Save time on back office tasks

  2. Increase marketing leverage

  3. Reduce overhead costs

I spent the last decade helping law firms of all sizes build & scale without code. Every week, I'll give you the tools & teach you to build custom software to solve a problem at your firm, without code.

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